This is my tribe. 

These hearts represent my family, the people that mean the most to me. For years I wanted a piece of jewelry to represent my tribe, but after not finding it, my husband commissioned and gifted me with a custom charm.

Everyday, I wear my charm—from the gym to meetings, to evenings out—as a reminder of what's most important to me. When asked about it, I tell my story.  

This was the inspiration for Tribe Charms, which today is a family operation with my sons, my tribe, as my partners. And as a family, we've decided that purchases will support other tribes—children and their families battling life-threatening illnesses. 

What’s your tribe story? Whether it’s your family, your closest friends, or your pets, imagine the timeless piece of fine jewelry you can wear when you blend your story with your personal style.

Simply, start with your heart.




Each and every Tribe Charm is custom designed and hand crafted in the heart of New York City. Whether you choose white, yellow, or rose, our fine jewelry is made of 14K solid gold and every diamond is hand cut for a timeless sparkle.

Pricing starts at $150.


Start with Your Heart

Select your 14K solid gold hearts in white, yellow and/or rose, sizes, and engraving.

Make It Wearable

Necklace or bracelet? Choose from a selection of 14K solid gold chains or a leather cord.

A Diamond Touch

Add a touch of sparkle with a diamond-encrusted embellishment that reflects your personal style.

Order on Etsy


We've made it easy for you to order here, on Etsy. You can browse customization and pricing options, create your perfect Tribe Charm, and check-out with just a few clicks. If you'd prefer our personalized help, contact us below or email us at

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Help Children Fight Cancer

We want your purchase to make a difference. That's why a portion of all proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help advance their work in understanding, treating, and defeating pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We are thankful for our health and happiness and wish the same for all.

Learn more or donate at